The Love Story

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About the Show

Type: TV Series
Genre: Reality
Airing Dates: 2014 –
Runtime: 24 min.

The Love Story is Uganda’s freshest and most dynamic wedding

Every couple has a story, one to tell of how they met, what makes one’s partner the ultimate companion and how
simple feelings turned into a life time commitment.

Unlike, what’s on TV today,the show takes us through a couple’s journey to their wedding day; everything from choosing the venue, church rehearsals, gown shopping, to finally walking down the aisle. It’s a brilliant mash up of Reality TV and a genuine love story rolled into one.



No one understands the power if the web for video better than we do. That’s why The Love Story is available online for limited release.

If you want to catch the show in a country where it is not broadcast, or simply want to watch it again? Well now you can!

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